Worldwide Property Solutions
Meet the Team
The strength and success of WPS is our team – The WPS team, many who are experienced investors themselves, have extensive experience and a proven track record in marketing investment property in Asia – Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and China. All of our resources will be dedicated across the various aspects outlined below in order to achieve outstanding sales results for our clients.

Marketing & Sales

Upon our appointment, WPS will devise and propose a comprehensive and effective sales and marketing strategy so that we can exceed the expectations of our clients.
  • Sales strategy across the different channels and geographic regions
  • Sales forecasts
  • Marketing proposal with budgets


Preparation will begin as soon as we are able to start marketing the project and any marketing communication will be sent for approval before dissemination. Marketing collateral and sales tools catered to the Asian market will be prepared to facilitate the marketing of the project.

Contracts Administration

WPS will manage the following throughout the transaction process:
  • Co-ordination and communication of reservations
  • Contract administration and execution
  • Ensuring speedy collection of deposit monies
  • Liaising with purchasers’ solicitors to facilitate contract exchange

Reporting & Updates

Timely sales reporting will be provided in a systematic and orderly manner so that vendors will have full overview with regards to each sale status.
Event updates will also be given so that improvements in sales and marketing strategies can be implemented for future marketing initiatives.

Settlements & Financing

WPS has a dedicated client finance team committed to managing all finance and settlement matters to ensure timely settlements for all our clients.  We are also focused on identifying any settlement risks with proposed solutions as early in the settlements process as possible.
If you require an effective sales and distribution channel in Asia, please email us for a detailed presentation.
Our contact details are:
K-Lin Lim (CEO)

Kiran Sekhon (COO)